Caesar Pleaser


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The perfect accompaniments to your favorite Caesar cocktail.

Poppy Caesar Gourmet Popcorn by Eatable

Air-popped whole-grain popcorn kernels coated in a crisp tomato puree infused with the classic Canadian cocktail. Finished with a delicious blend of celery salt and peppery rim spice. Baked to deliver a satisfying crunch.

The Ultimate Caeser Rimmer by Kanel

Instead of the classic celery salt as a cocktail rimmer, this is a peppery blend of herbs, flaky sea salt, smoked paprika and a hint of brown sugar.

Fancy Cocktail Nuts by Salted Co.

Salted Co.’s 05 Spanish almonds, heirloom peanuts and smoked tea salt creates a full-bodied smoky flavour. It pairs wonderfully with your favourite Caesar cocktail.

Chili Espresso Handcrafted Bitters by Kinsip

Kinsip bitters are handcrafted at their farm-based distillery. Kinsip’s Chili Espresso Handcrafted Bitters is a blend of three different chilis including local jalapeno, smokey habaneros, and chipotle with a mellow finish of Pilot Coffee Roasters dark roast. A lot of heat gives a touch of spice to your favourite Caesar.

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This eco-friendly box is re-usable, recyclable, and can be easily collapsed. It is perfect for storing keepsakes.

Box Size: 10” x 10” x 4.5”

Many products sourced by EM Gift Boxes are made in small quantities from Canadian artisans. Please be mindful that there may be slight variations from what is pictured.